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October 26, 2017


    Good morning earth! as usual after about four months to get my blog updated with a new outfit post. I tried to be active on this blog several times, but I still can't give life to it, even the clean and the high quality content I post. I keep seeing no reactions to my content by the audience and no more views that will motivate me, to get more active with my blog. I recently worked on a music video as a Video director and editor. it been posted on Youtube for about a month now, it reached almost 200k views in three weeks. It's actually a good start as a second work. However, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to keep blogging and working as Videographer at the same time, and on the same account or I should be creating a separate one?
    I already deleted my old Instagram account and created a new one, because the old one is specified on blogging outfits, so the fan base are already followed me in order to see me wearing new outfits not posting about video editing and stuff.. that will be unsatisfying for my followers, so I prefered to create a new one that is @Younes_Bouadi. But, I'm still confused what shall I post this last. I will really appreciate if you tell me in a comment what do you think about this last. is it okay to post my future outfit shots and my video directing both or I should do each account for each one. I'm actually not comfortable about having multiple accounts. It will be really good for me to post all my content on one single account. 
    Well, I think I should be forwarding to give some words about my new outfit by Zaful and Xoticgear
So before that make sure to follow my new IG account (here) to get updated for my next work. I will try more to be active. 
    Last week I received some new hats that this below is one of them, it's a new collection by the asian brand Xoticgear. This army green hat is really really great high. It is noticeable that those guys working on this brand in Taiwan are really working great for them brand. they always produce new original designs which is actually the most thing that made me love their work. their just started yet. But, they already doing really great job. I'm satisfying to have Xoticgear name on my closet. as it's noticeable also that this is my first time I be wearing glasses not sunnies. I was really not sure if they will look good at me. so I tried them from Zaful this popular brand that started selling men clothes not only women as they used to. you can still take a look at their Instagram (here). those eyewears ain't the only purchase I made from them. I also brought that gray hoodie from them, it's feel comfortable and light it still can be wore with a jacket with it if the weather required that. 
    Briefly, this is what I've gotten for this outfit as new items. I hope those item are suitable for an outfit. and I hope those glasses looked good on my face. 
Sincerely yours.

Hat: (get it)
Glasses: (get them)
Hoodie: (get it)
Pant: (get it
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