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June 18, 2017


I think my suffering with DSLR camera won't finish. After rescuing my Nikon D5200 from wet by Rice, it turn a problem itself! the camera became full of rice until shutter stuck. It keeps camera take black pictures. Anyway, I successfully cleaned the camera from rice inside, but there still some micro pieces of rice I can't get to. Actually the problem isn't contentiously. I've been allowed to make the following shot, after failing at the 1st day. I had taken the shot using my phone, but when I get home I found that the pictures aren't what I wanted. So, the following day I tried to retake the same pictures with the same outfit, and finally I happily taken the pictures you see below.
   Well, let us move to it!
I'm wearing a grey strap back hat from my favorite hats brand which is Xotic Gear. The mentioned cap has a long strap back with a ring and the brand's name at the final part of the strap. It feels cozy and very high quality just as usual. I'm also wearing a destroyed denim jacket with some patches I added to, it's actually an old one had that I don't even still remember where I purchase it. The game boy necklace always from Cabron Inc. it looks so dope so I put it into today's outfit. 
   Before moving to the bottoms, I have a black leather backpack on my shoulders, I put my camera in it. I got it from the Chinese brand Twinkledeals. From the same brand I've purchased my painted jean
Finally the shoes from Newchic

Hat: (get it)
Necklace: (get it)
Backpack: (get it)
Pant: (get it)
Shoes: (get it)

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