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April 22, 2017


   Hi, I don't know if you noticed that I added a new category to my blog VIDEOS. I just  decided to add a new function to Younes the blog, which is directing & editing music videos. so Younes Bouadi isn't anymore just a blogger and stylist. from now on, I'm ready to work with artists around the planet for their music video in a way of creativity. However, let me give a talk about the below outfit.
   First off, for those who realized that the quality of my pictures gotten better, and wondering how to get their better also. I'm currently using a Nikkor 50mm 1.8f, whom I got from ebay. that lens just gives the pictures a really cool bokeh. then, I wanted to share with you, my denim jacket, I customized by adding some cool embroidery patches I got from ebay too. I also got my jeans outwear some cool pins to make it vintage somehow. Have you seen that Sakura Strapback hat? it looks wow!! right? It's just from Xoticgear as usual. the hat is just in great and high quality condition. Get yours before it went out of stock. So, about bottoms, I'm wearing a biker scratched  jeans from Newchic. The pant's comfortable. Those shoes also from the same brand (Newchic) their color breaks the routine of the outfit's color. Well, I'll say see you next time, on a music video or with a new outfit post. stay checking this Link from time to time for new videos. 

All the best. YTB 

Hat: (its twin)
Shirt: (buy it)
Necklace: (yours)
Pant: (buy one)
Shoes: (wear them)
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