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March 2, 2017


     Good evening world. how's life? as my old readers know, I'm a winter lover I love cold weather especially when it's raining. However, this last turned into a nightmare for me. last week while I was photoshooting the following look, a heavy rain came from nothingness. I quickly covered my DSLR Nikon D5200 inside my vintage black and white coat. Then I realized that it will be a bad idea to continue taking photos under that crazy rain. I was a logical thinking person, and put my camera inside my backpack, and went back home to check what how the photo shot went. BUT!!, before I gotten home, the sky gets mad and cried so heavy. My backpack was leather, I didn't care about how long it will stay raining. Moreover, I was enjoying my time by snapchating my way.
     Well. my journey had finished, I took the camera from my "LEATHER" backpack to remove the SD. Guess what? my $499 DSLR camera was fully wet! and was down, I tried to turn it on like a donkey. I didn't behave like Technics advise. I opened the camera and put it in rice with hopeless. Next day, I tested the camera. nothing happened just black screen and fully turned off product. I put it back to the hero of electronic products. Two days later, a friend of mine, gave me a phone number of a propositional electronic Technic that will try to repair my dead camera. So, I get the camera rid of rice, and mounted it. Because I'm curious. I put the battery to the camera. I turned it on. The camera is ON! ok, I put the SD and my Manuel 50mm lens, I tried to take a random pic. The camera works!! I tried the AF 18-55mm lens, I done the same, but the pic can't be taken. It's ok I can't take Auto Focus picture anymore. But, I still can take pictures at least. By the way, the SD is working, I successfully took the picture from it and they are in your screen now. 
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