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February 19, 2017

African Ninja

     Hi dears, how are you doing?
I just came with a new outfit look, that you are seeing below. This shot had taken while it's raining I really loved that and enjoyed it. However, I'm wearing as usual a new Xotic Gear Hat. XGH164009- Longstrap Suede Navy Cap as you can see it on my head. I put a High neck longsleeve tee by Guylook the korean brand, also the zipped pant from the same brand. About the matte black jacket is from Gamiss the new trending brand. you can check them and purchase yourself some goods by going through this Direct link. as you noticed that winter coat is really interested, despite winter is over it still a cool thing to have with you, for more details about it. you can check this article written about it in the past.
     At last but not least, my favorite high quality shoes from Jessicabuurman. I also talked about it in this following post. don't hesitate to check it out and get you one.
    So, guys this is all I got this time, I hope you enjoy your weekend, Happy Sunday.
All my wishes

 Strapback Cap: (buy yours)
High neck longsleeve: (get one)
Matte Jacket: (own it)
Zipped pant: (wear it)
Rick Owens x Adidas: (try it)
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