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November 26, 2016

Game Boy

   Once winter starts, I be back active with taking new shots. Anyhow, on this post I'm about to introduce some new amazing stuff such as that purple Hat from Xotic Gear, the brand I talked about in my recent blog post. Then as you see that Tee's color is somehow misunderstanding, yes because it's just an invert of a lady in pikini sitting next to the pool. Actually I like the idea of inverting pictures and makes them as an artwork like that. it is something of creativity. Once you check the picture on the Tee you'll notice immediately something really gets u back to 90s  yea that's a GameBoy Necklace the epic game console from the beginning of gaming technology. You know, I hadn't ever a chance to buy my own one cause its price olden days was really expensive for me. Nevertheless, I will buy one soon, and I'll provide it on my one of my next coming posts. Well, for Bottom I'm wearing just a simple black jeans which has a little bit difference design from other ones I think if you are looking for a simple black one I recommend you to get this one it's in very high quality made in Germany. 
   At last but not least, All I still have to say is I hope this is light post for your hearts. Wish you to have a good weekend as you expect.

G E T   Y O U R   iT E M S:
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               TEE: ( Buy it Now
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