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July 29, 2016

Homeless Outfit

 Hey everyone, you may notice that I didn't post for a long time, that's because of some personal tasks. However, I came today to share with y'all every interested person in Trending clothes & the newest street style. As you see the first thing catches your attention is that Brown Loose Fit Tee which looks like a homeless tee, Yea I'm agree with you that's unusual to wear ripped(Destroyed) stuff like that. but, actually dressing that oversized shirt makes you really comfortable inside it and light, how that? okay I got your answer. When you are wearing those fit T-shirts with tight elastic cuffs, you feel annoyed somehow. the opposite of this tee that gotten also the cold color. And now, have you changed your mind about this type of clothing, right? then get one for you from here. Now let's move to the next product which is the washed cap. What makes it special is that added orange color than cames as a result of pouring a material such as Javel on it to get that stunning color. the cap still available on the store, you can get it here also if you're interested. I finished my outfit, and as I want to finish this article with that bracelet which you can notice on my left hand. It's also from the same Online Shop, GentlerShop the Upcoming S.Korean Store. At last but not least, I want to thank everyone who still interested in my blog, and being loyal, THANK YOU AGAIN and Happy Friday. 

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Cap: here     Tee: here     Bracelet: here

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