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May 1, 2016

Diy Zipper

Hi, This is another outfit by Guylook which is 

 Extra Stretchy Slim Cut Ninja Turtle-Tee, Ivory Bomber Jacket and for bottom Silver Zip Leg Spandex Black Vintage-Jeans. Well, after introducing you details of the look, I'm coming to tell you more details about the clothing line At first, as you know the store located in Korea. I'm sure you already used Korea products, and you found it High Quality. Yes these clothes also are same as European products. I don't want to lose you as my follower, so I won't give you useless advises. go check the link above look for the item that you want, check the price, if it's suitable for you add it to the bag as simple as it is. by the way the shipping and delivering very fast, as late as 3-8 Via EMS, you see very quick. for more details about shipping & handling check out this direct link. If you have any  question I'll be glad to give a hand by contacting me by or my Facebook Page. Happy shopping

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