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March 21, 2016

This is ain't a Jumpman, This is a Flyman

Hello world!
I'm coming today to write this article about my recent photoshot I taken last Friday. This look made in a place which I just found using my iPhone map.

We are in the ending of March, and the beginning of Spring season. But the weather still cold, so the outfit will be a Houndstooth, wool and blends long coat, what I most love in this warm long jacket is it's easy moving, but really warm for real, I may bring it with me next month for my trip to snow hills, and for sure I'll share my moments with my loyal followers on my Snapchat @Younes_bouadi.
I'm wearing with it that suitable striped bucket hat from my favorite hats brand
for bottom I'm wearing my black army zipper jeans that I got from as you see I already made a post with it, and I always wear it to school, and it still in good status.



Best regards.
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