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October 4, 2015


No surprise here, today I'm talking about fashion! darmowy hosting obrazków
School in full swing and that means it is prime time to see the true fashionistas walking the streets of Montreal. These are the people who live streamed New York fashion week, keep up with the latest trends from Paris, and slept outside to be first in line for the latest H&M designer collection, Fall is their time to shine.

Downtown Montreal plays host to thousands of students each year making it the best location for on trend fashion sightings.

Primary location is around LaSalle College. The college includes a well sought after fashion program, where students show up to class ready to hit a Paris runway. The Atwater area is up and coming with brand new Montreal condos for sale and shops in the area. Park yourself outside of a cafe and take in the sights of students going to and from their classes. You never know you may spot a future heavyweight fashion designer. If you want to venture somewhere else in the neighborhood you can find a few special boutiques on St. Catherine by Lasalle. And the popular Montreal boutique Olivia opened a second location right beside the Atwater location.

The next scene to ‘see and be seen’ is Boulevard de Maisonneuve right in front of Concordia University. Between all the construction of Montreal condos you catch a glimpse of Concordia students walking the streets in their latest gear. You will not find many clothing shops on Maisonneuve therefore you'll have to make your way down the street to Rue Ste-Catherine. There you can find high-end Ogilvy, or if you are looking for a bargain there's Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 among other popular shops.

Lastly on Sherbrooke Ave you can catch astute DevMcGill  University students rushing between classes and getting their daily Starbucks fix. The university brings in a lot of international students so you’ll discover a mix of styles. You can see a perfect merge of streetwear and high-end fashion. Although you'll see the occasional university student wearing their college sweatshirt, there’re real bona fide style contenders amongst the crowd. With the backdrop of a mix of old apartments and new Montreal condos, grab a warm beverage and people watch for the afternoon you'll get an idea of what is on trend this season. And if you get the itch to shop you can find a few lovely high-end shops on Sherbrooke to help your shopping craving.
darmowy hosting obrazków
Bonus location:

In Old Montreal you are more likely to spot a tourist crowd taking pictures of the old structures and new condos, rather than a pack of students but the scenery alone is a good enough reason to go and people watch. The charm of the old city can be inspiring to anyone one and the neighborhood has a handful of ideal people watching cafes. Fashion styles from around the world find their way to Old Port its a great part of Montreal to eyeball what is happening in fashion internationally.
Where are your fav people watching spots to catch the latest fashions?
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