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December 23, 2015


December 23, 2015
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I hope everyone doing well today, and every day.
I came with an old brand I used to work with That name is Sammydress. in this outfit which is A zipper army black pantAdidas Jacket and Nike haurache
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December 5, 2015


December 5, 2015
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Hi Guys!
maybe this is the first time I'll write about something over(style, fashion, clothes..)
I was about giving up on this way of fashion and street style. I'm older than before I grew up.I left behind me adolescence and I'm front of another life as an adult person, all what I'll keep in my mind is a job where to get money and a family which I have to build
So, I should leave this side and go to another side or fusion my hobby with a job, 
well there's not better to work in what you love. because the best job to work is what was passion.
(sorry for my english :| )

November 14, 2015

Why A Chicken Wire Fence Could Be Your Garden’s Best Friend

Why A Chicken Wire Fence Could Be Your Garden’s Best Friend
November 14, 2015
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Sometimes the simplest add-on to your home garden can do a ton of awesome things
that you may have entirely overlooked at first. Take basic chicken wire fencing that you 
can find just about anywhere online on the cheap. It’s cost effective, easy to install and
has a myriad of benefits that it can offer to you with your green thumbing. We’ll examine
a few of the innate benefits that this cost effective medium can offer to gardeners. You
may be surprised at how much such a simple fencing solution can do for your garden.

Deterring Pests
Pests of all kinds target your garden because it’s an easy source of food, insects and
water. From birds to rabbits and nearly everything in between, your garden may as well
have a neon flashing sign that proclaims you are open for business and serving up food
around the clock. Not so fast pests – with a chicken wire fence protecting your enclave,
they’ll be at odds with how to enjoy partaking in your veggie feast.

Preventing Burrowing
The Human Society advises that you can use a chicken wire fence to “fence out 
burrowing pests.” Here’s the really cool part about this: you are not doing anything that
would cause harm to come to these little rodents. But you are effectively preventing
them from entering your pristine garden and snacking on your organic fares. And that’s
a really good thing.

Deflecting Flying Pests
Flying pests are an entirely different sort. It’s usually rather difficult to prevent them from
digging in on your crops. But here again the simplicity of the chicken wire fence saves
the day, literally. You can build a cage of sorts that surrounds your vegetation and
prevents flying pests from snacking on your crops. You can even alter sections to
accommodate for tall growing crops like corn or like vine crops.

Helping Vine Plants
With chicken wire fencing, you can literally forgo the traditional wooden vine setup.
Instead, you can let your vines grow on the fencing itself, building the top side to protect
your crops from flying pests simultaneously. Doing so is an easy way to group your
crops into one protective collective that is conducive to a healthier turnout with minimal
pest infestation.

Your Wallet Will Thank You
The best part about chicken wire is that it’s dirt cheap. Look it up online, the stuff goes
for peanuts. What this means is that you don’t have to do a lot of buying just to do a lot
of building. The low price also means that it’s not going to break the bank should you
want to upgrade and expand your garden at a later time. Being able to prevent annoying
pests from ruining your crops while operating on a bargain budget… well that’s a
something that we like to call priceless.
October 25, 2015


October 25, 2015
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Hi readers, 
This a new fresh shot of me that were taken at the beach as you see my lovely visitor.
I really was waiting for this cloudy weather to make these pictures, as everybody knows South of Morocco is often sunny, and rarely when It cloudy like Today.
More fit details after pictures, enjoy your day.
Cap: Polo
Tee: Lolife
Sneaker: Yeezy boost 350 Adidas
October 22, 2015


October 22, 2015
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Best of Montreal: gastronomy and more
One of the most interesting cities across Canada, Montreal brings together all the contrasts of French
and English cultures. Full of great sights, beautiful surroundings, amazing gastronomy and nightlife, the city deserves to get into your travel itinerary.

If you needed just one good reason to fall in love with Montreal, it would have to be the culture of good food. After all, food is serious business for the city's residents. Come to Montreal and let them prove to you once and for all that North America is not just about fast food.

This passion for good food goes beyond the limits of the restaurants. In Montreal, you will also find
several shops specializing in kitchen and special spices, popular markets, cooking classes and numerous bars, pubs and cafes. For those who enjoy food, you cannot miss the smoked meat in Montreal.  The staple dish of the city will make your mouth water and have you craving for more.
Still on the theme "cuisine", be sure to also visit the Jean Talon and Atwater markets. These European inspired markets have everything you need from cheese, wine, spices and much more, great to spruce
up any picnic.

I leave here my special little list of cafes, bars and restaurants in Montreal for you to enjoy every good calorie: Olive + Gourmando, Schwartz's, St. Viateur Bagel, Caffé Italia, Beauty's Café, Juliette, Toqué, Maison Boulud, Ferreira Café, Chasse et Pêche and L'auberge Saint-Gabriel. For the trendiest restaurants, be sure to make a reservation.

When it comes to tourist attraction, Montreal also leaves nothing to be desired. The starting point for
the city is the Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal) and the Old Port (Vieux-Port). There you will find the main postcards of the city and a historical and architectural beauty to be envied by many metropolises.

For family events and activities, go to the old Olympic Complex, the Biodome - a placeholder to play the different biomes of the continent - the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the Oratory of Saint Joseph, from where you have a great view of the city. This is a bit more distant from downtown Montreal, but the metro can take you anywhere you need to be in a relatively short amount of time. If you cannot resist a good shopping spree, I recommend strolling down the streets Saint Catherine and Saint Denis, and Laurier Avenue. You’ll definitely get your fashion kick.
In addition to this script for Montreal, three important points cannot be missed: a walk through the
charming and hippie Plateau district du Mont-Royal, a tour around the Parc Jean Drapeau, formed by
the artificial island Île Notre-Dame and the Ile Saint Helen, wherethe Grand Prix takes place every year and then be sure to visit the Museum of Fine Arts and its beautiful collections.
You can include Montreal on a train trip for eastern Canada, between Toronto and Quebec City. I bet
you will be enchanted by the beauty of this country! Amusez-vous!

6 Things To Know Before You Buy Retail Store Supplies Online

6 Things To Know Before You Buy Retail Store Supplies Online

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darmowy hosting obrazkówIf you are in the market to stock up on retail store supplies, it can be rather tempting to
search for online retailers. But before you make the decision as to which retailer that
you want to use, you’ll likely benefit from reading these six helpful tips beforehand.

Reputation Of Online Store
First things first: know who you are buying from. Just because a retailer sells retail store supplies online does not warrant that they are reputable vendor. Thanks to online
reviews, social media, and sites like Yelp, it’s rather easy and streamlined to find out
just how reputable that said retailer is. Doing so can save you time and money in the
long run.
darmowy hosting obrazków
Cost Of Shipping
Sometimes the fine bargains that you uncover online are downsized when you take a
look at the cost of shipping and what that can add to the final invoice. But, luckily, there
are plenty of online retailers that offer free shipping. Some offer it as an added perk
when you meet a minimum order value. Be sure to check your options here to get the
greatest bang for your buck.

The Returns Policy Offered
Carefully review the returns policy that’s being offered by the retailer. Make sure that
you find it suitable and feasible. After all, you don’t want to have to fret or deal with
hassles should you have to place a return on an order.

Price Match Guarantee
Good retailers are eager to earn your business. What this also means is that they are
just as eager to take it away from other retailers. Be sure that you look for a price-match
pledge when shopping for the retail store supplies you need. Also, make sure you glean
some tips from this U.S. News & World Report, so that you know what to look for in
such lofty price-match guarantees, too.
darmowy hosting obrazków
Overall Selection
Gauge the selection of the retail store supplies being offered by the merchant. If you are
shopping at a larger store, you should have ample selection and bulk pricing discounts.
It never hurts to consider using two or three suppliers, so that you can have as many
options available to you as possible for the supplies that you need.

Quality Of Customer Service
Learn more about the quality of the customer care. A simple trick in this regard is to
phone in asking silly questions about a product you are well familiar with. Rate how this
experience has been, and deem whether or not this service level is suitable for your
ongoing business.

Peer Reviews
Last but not least, read peer reviews. What are other businesses saying about said
merchant? Are they diligently and amicably resolving any and all complaints? How
responsive are they on social media? These are but a few methods that you can use to
assure that you are getting a first rate provider for all your retail supply needs.
October 4, 2015


October 4, 2015
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Bridesmaid Dresses UK darmowy hosting obrazków

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No surprise here, today I'm talking about fashion! darmowy hosting obrazków
School in full swing and that means it is prime time to see the true fashionistas walking the streets of Montreal. These are the people who live streamed New York fashion week, keep up with the latest trends from Paris, and slept outside to be first in line for the latest H&M designer collection, Fall is their time to shine.

Downtown Montreal plays host to thousands of students each year making it the best location for on trend fashion sightings.

Primary location is around LaSalle College. The college includes a well sought after fashion program, where students show up to class ready to hit a Paris runway. The Atwater area is up and coming with brand new Montreal condos for sale and shops in the area. Park yourself outside of a cafe and take in the sights of students going to and from their classes. You never know you may spot a future heavyweight fashion designer. If you want to venture somewhere else in the neighborhood you can find a few special boutiques on St. Catherine by Lasalle. And the popular Montreal boutique Olivia opened a second location right beside the Atwater location.

The next scene to ‘see and be seen’ is Boulevard de Maisonneuve right in front of Concordia University. Between all the construction of Montreal condos you catch a glimpse of Concordia students walking the streets in their latest gear. You will not find many clothing shops on Maisonneuve therefore you'll have to make your way down the street to Rue Ste-Catherine. There you can find high-end Ogilvy, or if you are looking for a bargain there's Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 among other popular shops.

Lastly on Sherbrooke Ave you can catch astute DevMcGill  University students rushing between classes and getting their daily Starbucks fix. The university brings in a lot of international students so you’ll discover a mix of styles. You can see a perfect merge of streetwear and high-end fashion. Although you'll see the occasional university student wearing their college sweatshirt, there’re real bona fide style contenders amongst the crowd. With the backdrop of a mix of old apartments and new Montreal condos, grab a warm beverage and people watch for the afternoon you'll get an idea of what is on trend this season. And if you get the itch to shop you can find a few lovely high-end shops on Sherbrooke to help your shopping craving.
darmowy hosting obrazków
Bonus location:

In Old Montreal you are more likely to spot a tourist crowd taking pictures of the old structures and new condos, rather than a pack of students but the scenery alone is a good enough reason to go and people watch. The charm of the old city can be inspiring to anyone one and the neighborhood has a handful of ideal people watching cafes. Fashion styles from around the world find their way to Old Port its a great part of Montreal to eyeball what is happening in fashion internationally.
Where are your fav people watching spots to catch the latest fashions?
September 28, 2015


September 28, 2015
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 This is the second post for Cheappromprom The last brand I shared with you my lovely reader.Today I'm coming to talk about size chart of Cheappromprom Dresses.First as usual I dropped some pictures of those amazing short, long, cut dresses below.You can see these designs in the most interesting fashion shows of the moment, but with high prices. so here is your stop, and where you can get same quality and design also color with cheap reasonable price.
Prom Dresses 2015
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these are some of Cheap Prom Dresses Under $100 but with high quality and in many colors.
you can check this LINK for more dresses from cheappromprom
A careful woman of the design makes these dresses true is its exclusive pieces.
Cheap White Prom Dresses
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And here is also some Cheap White Prom Dresses as you can see that pure white fabulous dresses that make a woman looks lovely, there dresses is summer type, but you can find more dresses in this whole store.A woman classic, almost back to normal with the white , black and blue to lord it. Do not miss colors: red (in the gradient burgundy), scorched earth and brick. A woman, who never gives up refind to be chic.

Size Chart
 darmowy hosting obrazków
About you can just check out Size guide of cheappromprom and You are done with your size of dress

Color Chart
 darmowy hosting obrazków
There is too many similar colors which can make you confused, so they came with this color chart to let you close to your type which suite to you.
September 27, 2015


September 27, 2015
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Hi guys!
Its been a long time, I didn't take photos of me, Today I'm coming with another cooperation I will let the pictures talk about themselves. And this is what I came up with
 HAT: "buy"     SUNNIES: "buy"
TEE: "buy"    WATCH: "buy"